Better Than Yesterday challenges players to build connections with others, improve their health, and practice mindfulness. | Source: What Do You Meme?

It’s easy to get lost in the drabness of everyday life. We build habits, and often, our routines are set in stone. Sometimes, you need a challenge to break your daily patterns and make a difference in your life. If you’re looking for that kind of shake-up, What Do You Meme? has a new, 365-day challenge called Better Than Yesterday that’s designed to keep older teens and adults from getting complacent.

When you play Better Than Yesterday, each day you draw a card that brings a different challenge. These tasks push you to try new things, cut out bad habits, and practice self-care. The days are numbered 1-365, but you don’t have to do the cards in order. The game is also designed to be completed alone, but that shouldn’t stop players from challenging themselves and their friends to do different tasks. 

Some of my favorite challenges I drew from the box include “Do something you know you suck at,” “Watch 10 minutes of funny videos on YouTube,” and “Ask a stranger, ‘Do you like my shoes?’”

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The challenges can be as small as holding the door open for a stranger to as big as going out with friends, with the added twist of creating wildly made-up backstories for yourselves. Many of the challenges focus on mindfulness, like thinking about something that makes you anxious and exploring the root of that anxiety or being mindful of the food you put into your body. There are also health-based challenges, including flossing twice a day, riding a bike, and eating more fruits and vegetables. 

Better Than Yesterday is a great gift for someone who needs to come out of their shell more, but it’s also a great way to push yourself. Even if you don’t complete one challenge every day, the cards offer light ways to change your life physically and mentally, which add up to big improvements.

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