time jumpers launches game night into the era of educational fun

  • Filled with facts and events about the 20th century
  • Try to place historical moments in chronological order
  • Hones time management and decision-making skills

This is a board and card game that celebrates the 20th century and all the sensational events and people therein. Players try to put these historical events in chronological order. There are several categories of historical events, like Entertainment and Arts, Discoveries, and Famous Figures.

The game features facts and figures from all realms of the 20th century. | Source: SimplyFun

Featuring a broad selection of historical events and cultural touchstones, this game is as educational as it is entertaining. Each card contains the backstory of its event or person, offering a chance to learn about subjects as varied as the civil rights movement and Wisdom, the world’s oldest bird. Its competitive and layered gameplay will add a fun challenge to game night rotations that need a shake-up. Plus, one of its aims is to encourage kids to kick impulsivity in favor of the thoughtful decision-making needed to win Time Jumpers.

This game, though graded for kids ages 8 and up, might frustrate kids who haven’t had large exposure to history curriculum. If your kid seems up for it, though, they’ll likely love it.

Games for school; family game nights; history buffs; tween siblings


A tribute to the historical events of the 20th century, Time Jumpers is the board game for history buffs and casual game night fans alike.

Product Facts

  • MSRP:
  • $38
  • Age:
  • 8+

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