Let it rip! For Beyblade fans, those three words signal the start of an epic battle. Now, with the Beyblade Burst Quadstrike Light Ignite Battle Set from Hasbro, kids ages 8 and up can engage in an even brighter battle!

This set comes with a Beystadium, two launchers, two extra armor tips, and two Beyblades. The two right-spin Beys are Destined Evo-X Belfyre B8 and Ruin Pandemonium P8. All in all, there are more than 20 pieces to construct the Beys and the stadium, so be sure to keep all of the materials in one location.

Unlike other Beystadiums, the main highlight of this toy is its ability to light up and produce amazing colorful effects. To operate this glow tech, three AAA batteries are required (not included). The lighting in the stadium is unique because it is a blue light. The Beyblades are specially designed to have bright colors on their tops that put on an incredible light show while they’re spinning. Not all Beyblades are fully compatible with this light-up effect, so kids should mostly use the Hasbro-designed tops with glow tech. Due to the lighting, the stadium is best used in the dark. Kids might want to wait until evening to play or find a dark room.

Unboxing and constructing the Light Ignite Battle Set only involves a few steps and there is no need for scissors, making this the perfect toy for easy and immediate fun. Inexperienced bladers or small hands may have some difficulty putting the Beyblades or Beystadium together, but adults should be able to construct everything without much of a problem.

To keep gameplay exciting, kids can customize their clash. In addition to switching out the armor tips, Beybladers can also utilize Apex and Core modes. Apex mode makes the top taller, while Core mode makes the Beyblade more compact. These differing modes make no two battles alike, changing variables such as agility and stamina. 

As with all games, safety comes first. When young Beybladers let it rip, they should be careful and avoid putting their hands near the spinning tops.

The Beyblade Burst Quadstrike Light Ignite Battle Set will provide kids with plenty of colorful clashes!


This battle set comes with a Beystadium featuring Glow Tech, two right/left-spin launchers, and two extra Armor Tips (stamina and defense types). Glow Tech changes the color appearance of the tops as kids battle.

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  • 8+

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