Join the ‘Total Dramarama’ class in their new adventures! | Source: Cartoon Network

This month, Cartoon Network is kicking animated fun into overdrive! With an abundance of new episodes and series premiering on Cartoonito, there’s plenty of new content to keep kids excited and entertained for all of June. 

To start, Cartoon Network is welcoming two new series to its expanding library of preschool shows. Lellobee City Farm is a music-based show that takes place at Grandma Mei’s urban micro-farm. In this welcoming oasis, Ella and her friend Rishi play with singing vegetables and talking animals. With super-catchy songs, the series inspires kids to connect to nature and one another. Blippi Wonders follows Blippi on his curious adventures in the BlippiMobile. With the help of his faithful sidekicks Fetch and Tabs, Blippi discovers the answer to the question of the day, like “How does a rainbow get its colors?” and “Why is Blippi’s popsicle melting?” These preschool series premiered on Cartoonito today, June 6.

Along with these new series, Cartoon Network is premiering an abundance of new episodes. The newest batch of Total Dramarama Season 3 episodes will introduce more adventures for Chef Hatchet and the group. Kids can watch Noah search for pirate treasure while wearing a cone of shame, Harold accidentally turn the kids old with an anti-aging cream, and Duncan use the power of knitting to save his classmates. The first episode premiered today, with a new episode premiering each day at 6 p.m. ET/PT until June 10. Check out the new episode release dates below:

  • “Knit Wit” on June 6
  • “The Fuss on the Bus” on June 7
  • “The Cone-versation” on June 8
  • “Oozing Talent” on June 9
  • “Senior Sinisters” on June 10

Victor and Valentino are also joining in on the summer fun with new episodes. Kids can join Vic as he becomes a ghost when his masterful pranks stop working, then witness Val unknowingly infect his brother with an ancient curse. The first new episode premiered today with a new episode premiering on Cartoon Network every day at 6:15 p.m. ET/PT until June 9. Check out the new episodes and their release dates below:

  • “Guillermo in G Flat” on June 6
  • “Para-Vic” on June 7
  • “Uncover Grandmother” on June 8
  • “The Imposter” on June 9

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Thomas and his friends are also chugging along to Cartoonito. In the newest episodes of Thomas & Friends: All Engines Go, Thomas has to find a way to get Skiff to Harwick when he gets a crack in his hull, while Nia discovers her friends are too busy to talk about the anniversary of her arrival on Sodor. The first of the new episodes premiered today with a new episode debuting each Monday at 8:30 a.m. ET/PT until June 27. 

Bing is hopping its way into Cartoonito this month, too. In the new episodes, Bing Bunny and his friends put on a show in the park, have a tea party, and make Eggy Heads with Amma. The first episode released today, while a new episode of Bing will premiere every Monday at 8:20 a.m. ET/PT until June 27. 

Finally, a few new episodes of Lucas the Spider are webbing into Cartoonito. Kids can watch Arlo calm Lucas and Findley down during a terrifying thunderstorm, help Lucas write the perfect song, and witness Findley fake being sick to get out of chores. The first episode released on June 3, while the second adventure-filled episode will premiere on June 10 at 6 a.m. ET/PT. 

With so many new episodes to enjoy, Cartoonito is ready for an epic start to summer fun.

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