Crayola’s latest art kits are making it easier than ever for kids to create art.

Crayola is teaming up with augmented reality (AR) art company Cupixel to create art kits that combine Crayola’s kid-friendly creativity with a new realm of technology. Designed for preteens, each kit comes with Crayola art supplies, a device stand, and access to the Cupixel app. The Cupixel Smart Trace technology virtually projects step-by-step guides onto any art surface for kids to easily create art. 

The Cupixel tech helps kids trace fun images! | Source: Crayola

The Cupixel app now features a family section with Crayola content designed for artists of all ages. Artists help guide kids to create masterpieces while stimulating their imagination. As kids continue to create, the artists give helpful tips and conversation starters for parents to encourage kids’ budding creativity. The Crayola + Cupixel starter kits will be available for $29.99 at JOANN, Michael’s, and

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