These picture books all come out this month! | Source: Two Lions/Viking Books/The Toy Insider

As the air gets crisp and dreams of snow lurk in the air, kids are getting ready for the comfort of the holidays and winter break. With these new picture books, kids can get cozy under a blanket or by the fire and enjoy a good story over the holidays

Bright Winter Night, written by Alli Brydon and illustrated by Ashling Lindsay, follows a group of woodland creatures as they use teamwork and build something in the snow together. This picture book is full of rich illustrations and is written like poetry! Order it here

The sixth book in the Turkey Trouble series, Turkey’s Valentine Surprise features Turkey trying to trick his friends by delivering their Valentine’s cards dressed up as a cat. The book is written by Wendy Silvano and illustrated by Lee Harper.  Order it here.  

In Love Made Me More, which was written by Colleen Rowan Kosinski and illustrated by Sonia Sánchez, an origami crane transcends generations as a loving grandmother shows her grandson how to make it and he later passes it along to his son. Order it here

Little Owl’s Love by Divya Srinivasan shows kids how to explore with their friends to find what makes them happy. As Little Owl explores nature, he discovers stars, chirping crickets, fireflies, and more! Order it here

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For kids who are looking for a little bit of spooky this holiday season, Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mystery is the perfect graphic novel. Written by Ann M. Martin and illustrated by Cynthia Yuang Chen, the story follows Mary Anne after she forgets to forward a chain letter and the Baby-sitters Club starts experiencing bad luck. When she gets a “bad-luck charm” in the mail, Mary Anne has to wear it and hope their luck turns around. Order it here

These books are all launching throughout the month of December, but you can preorder them now! Pick them up on Amazon or at your local bookstore!

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