Donkey Hodie is back to bring more of the whimsical joy once found in Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood!

Donkey Hodie is a charming show featuring puppet characters that go on a variety of adventures, learning about friendship, dealing with change, and more. The show is inspired by the classic kids’ television series Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and even features a number of nods that fans of Mister Rogers will be delighted to see. Co-producers Fred Rogers Productions and Spiffy Pictures have announced the second season is coming to PBS Kids, so head to your nearest trolley and get ready to journey to new places with old puppet pals!

The second season will feature an appearance from Trolley, a character Mr. Rogers fans will already know and love. Donkey and friends will need to figure out what Trolley’s dings mean if they want to have a successful party. Other episodes feature Donkey and Panda in competition, Donkey trying to figure out if her pet fish Rogers is magic, and Duck Duck dealing with big feelings. All this and more will charm new and old fans alike!

Also coming soon to PBS Kids are four new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood! Daniel will learn about pitching in with others, taking turns, asking for what you want, and more.

The new season of Donkey Hodie as well as new episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will premiere on PBS Kids starting this Aug. 14. Get ready to sing songs, learn lessons, and be ever-charmed by the kooky characters found in these series!

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