Kids can launch into fun with the new Fly Wheels collection from Jakks Pacific!

When kids are ready for some grip-ripping fun, pull the ripcord on the launcher and watch the wheel fly. Kids ages 8 and up can catapult tires at up to 200 scale mph in all different terrains like dirt, mud, rain, snow, or asphalt. The regular launcher comes with two tires and launches one at a time, while the Twin Turbo Launcher includes four tires and shoots them two at a time. 

Each tire has a different tread, weight, or size to make it better for Street, Off-Road, Race, or Moto and can be used with any launcher. The wheels’ performance ratings are on the bottom of every package so kids can choose which of the 16 tires to get for whatever tricks they want to pull. If they want to go for an off-road run, they should choose the MXS, but for sliding down the streets, the GX is the best choice.  

Kids can perform different stunts and make the tire jump up to 30 feet in the air when they combine one of the launchers with the Stunt Ramp. Kids an decide if they want to launch the wheels for height or for distance — both are equally fun.

The tires move fast and can easily bounce away depending on the surface they’re launched on. Only perform stunts outside or in a space not near anything breakable. Pay attention to the wheels once they launch so they don’t disappear! The Twin Turbo Charger needs extra eyes because two tires speed away at once.

Fly Wheels offer an exciting way for kids to compete and see who can get their wheels to do the coolest tricks. Kids can challenge themselves to accomplish new stunts and have fun along the way.

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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