Games- I love them!  Who doesn’t?

We start playing simple games such as peek-a-boo and hide and seek when our children are very young and then grow into games that teach important skills such as patience (wait for your turn), cooperation, memory, math and reading.

Other great things about games?

  • – Every time a game is played, it’s new.
  • – Games are always at an easy price point- which always makes them great gifts.
  • – They bring families and generations together (Which is possibly the biggest reason why I love games)

This year I have so many new favorites that I am sure your family will love too!

Here are a few:

  • Twister Hoopla: A classic favorite with a brand new “twist”.  The mat is gone, and we now have real hoops!  There are five games to choose from and you can play in teams or against one another individually. Twister Hoopla will leave you twisted and connected in so many new ways, you’ll never be able to keep from laughing!   (Ages 6+)
  • Scene It! Disney Magical Moments: Like the classic Scene It games, this is a DVD/board game.  This is classic Disney that everyone will be able (and want) to play!  Puzzles, trivia and activities for the whole family. (Ages 6+)

  • Glee CD Board Game: I have three teens- and there is not an episode of Glee that they will miss.  If your kids are “Gleeks” as well, this game is a must have.  Here fans will sing, dance, and act to figure out the who is in the character card.  Shopping for ages 13+ can become a stressful event, so this game is perfect when stuck on the what to get the teen on your list. (Ages 13+ for content)
  • Blockers: This is a really cool strategy game that takes about a minute to learn, but one you learn you can’t stop!  You need to make the fewest amount of clusters on the game board while blocking your opponent.  Once you get started, you’re hooked.  (Ages 8+)

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kids Cheese Touch Game: I am always a fan of literary adventures -turn- games. This one is no exception.  The Diary Of A Wimpy Kid series is one kids love, and they will love the game too!  In expanding the story into play,  players face challenges and wrong answers will leave them with moldy cheese that was found on the basketball court. Not only is the game fun, it will keep kids interested in reading the books- which is a great bonus! (Ages 7+)

  • UBuild Monopoly and Monopoly Revolution:  Another classic that has been in everyone’s home but with two new ways to play.  In UBuild Monopoly, you actually build and customize everything.  You can even build the game to be played in just 30 minutes.  In Monopoly Revolution, the board is round!  And forget the banker, this game uses credit cards not cash (but I will miss the colorful money).  Both of these great Monopoly games will keep generations playing together.  (Ages 8+)

  • Creationary: Roll those Lego dice (yes, I said LEGO) and start building.  This is the first collection of games that is build-able (even the Lego dice are buildable) as well as challenging.  There are four building categories with three levels of difficulty, which make this a great grow with me game. While you build. other players have to guess what you are creating.  This game is for 3 to 8 players, so fun for everyone.  (Ages 7+)
  • Beyblade: Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set:  Thats right, Beyblades are back and better than ever.  Take that battle into the Beystadium arena and let her rip!!  These are metal fusion tops with ripcord launchers. There’s also codes to enter at Beybladerbattles.com so you can compete with other Beybladers online!


I could go on and on because there are just so many games out that will grow with you family.

And always remember that a family that plays together, stays together 🙂



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