A book club and a young giraffe with a small heart are teaching kids the joy of giving.

The aforementioned giraffe is the protagonist of the first book in the Giving Adventure series, part of the Generous Kids Book Club. The book club was established to deliver a new story each month to kids, with the aim of teaching a different positive value with each story. The self-centered giraffe is the star of Jasper G and the Me-Thinking Madness, written by New York Times best-selling author and actress Candace Cameron Bure, of Full House fame. The first book in the series spins the tale of how Jasper learns the importance, and the pleasure, of generosity. 

Author and actress Candace Cameron Bure | Source: Generous Kids Book Club

The Generous Kids Book Club, besides sending families a physical book monthly, will also provide activities, collector cards, access to coloring sheets, ebook animations, and family conversation starters for an all-encompassing (and positively entertaining) lesson. Among the experiential book club’s themes are empathy, compassion, and thoughtfulness.

Though the club has, in Bure, a bright star attached, all the stories in the series are written under the pen name “Betta Tugive,” as many educators and experts are a part of the experiences and stories kids will receive.

This holiday season, give the gift that literally keeps on giving: the subscription costs $24.99 a month, or $268.99 annually. To learn more, visit generouskidsbook.com.

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