It’s never too early to start weaving eco-friendly habits into your kids’ lives, so why not start right away! As we celebrate Earth Day this week, switching small things in your life for more sustainable and planet-serving options might be top of mind, so let’s start by taking a look inside the toy box.

There are plenty of toymakers out there that are doing a lot to move their companies’ production, packaging, and products themselves to be more eco-minded — and Spin Master is really stepping up its game with its Playsponsible initiative. Through this initiative, the company is committed to minimizing the impact of its products and operations on the planet, producing safe, high-quality, and responsibly sourced toys; and leveraging responsible product materials and packaging to provide shoppers with more sustainable options. This is taking place across all of their great brands, from Etch-A-Sketch to Rubik’s Cube to cuddly plush favorite brand GUND.

New this year to GUND’s line is the assortment of Sustainably Soft Friends. This collection consists of three snuggly, eco-minded pals: Roise Bunny, Clove Bear, and Bay Puppy. There is plenty to love about these planet-friendly friends, so let’s first dive into their eco-benefits.

The toys are made from recycled plush and fill, and come with sustainable packaging. Each furry friend is made from 10 recycled plastic bottles, which is great for eco-conscious shoppers picking up something for the newest members of their family or the perfect baby shower gift.

Aside from being eco-friendly, these plushies are super adorable. Those who are familiar with the GUND legacy will be happy to know that even with recycled materials, these plush are as soft as ever. They are absolutely adorable in their neutral and pastel coloring, and their embroidered features are a soft gray that will make them super trendy for any nursery or playroom. Plus, they each feature a little accessory to add a bit of fashionable flair: Roise Bunny has a hair bow, Clove Bear sports a bow tie, and Bay Puppy is looking sharp with a bandana.

These cute and snuggly, eco-friendly plush make the perfect gift for the newest little ones in your life. Not only can you feel good about gifting babies their new favorite cuddly plush, you can feel good about where that plush is coming from and what it is made of.


Sourced from 100% recycled materials, each of these plush friends is crafted with recycled plush and fill and comes in sustainable packaging. Choose from Roise Bunny, Clove Bear, and Bay Puppy.

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