Haylie Duff brings her star power to the colorful world of Rainbow High!

Rainbow High fashion dolls from MGA Entertainment are already well-loved by kids everywhere, thanks to their popping color and incredible clothes. The brand even has its own Netflix series, making it a perfect partner for a celebrity influencer. Haylie Duff may be known for her roles in TV and film, but she’s also a mom and founder of a kids’ fashion line. With her great clothing taste and love for her kids, there’s no better partner for the Rainbow High brand!

Haylie Duff fully endorses the new Dream & Design Studio Playset. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Haylie is already hard at work, showing off the best Rainbow High has to offer. The newly launched Rainbow High Dream & Design Studios Playset is her first endorsement, and she and her daughters are already finding the fun. The new playset encourages kids to become fashion designers of their own. It comes with an exclusive Skyler Madison doll, the No-Sew Easy Fashion Kit, fabric, and a functional mannequin.

Rainbow High isn’t stopping with one new playset. Haylie is also on board to promote the recently launched Rainbow High Fantastic Fashions, featuring gowns designed by characters in season 1 of the series, and Rainbow High Color & Create, a doll line that kids can color with washable markers.

The newest Rainbow High playset and doll lines are available now, just in time for holiday shopping. Haylie Duff is proud to partner with the brand, as it encourages kids to let their true colors shine.

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