You can never have too many island friends!

Hello Kitty is known for her adorable charm, and now she’ll be welcoming kids to a tropical paradise in the new Hello Kitty Island Adventure, available on Apple Arcade. The life simulation game invites old Sanrio friends to a new location and asks kids to help them restore an abandoned theme park. The more a player rebuilds and decorates, the more beloved Sanrio characters they’ll attract to the island!

Kids will need to work hard to restore the abandoned theme park in this simulation game. | Source: Sunblink/Sanrio

The game features a rich open world for kids to explore with puzzles, treasures, challenges, and more. Kids can play online or together as they meet and foster friendships with Sanrio favorites like Kuromi, Badtz-Maru, and Cinnamoroll. Players can give characters gifts and get to know them to get closer and unlock character-specific storylines and quests. Kids can even earn the ability to take the character exploring with them!

Apple Arcade is a $4.99 subscription service that has a number of games that kids can enjoy. The service is available for a one-month free trial, so little ones can give it a go to see if they like it before any full commitment. The arcade has more than 200 titles, including popular games such as Stardew Valley, Cooking Mama: Cuisine!, and Sneaky Sasquatch.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is available now on Apple Arcade. The game boasts more than 40 hours of gameplay, with more on the way. It’s recommended for ages 4 and up and is sure to have every little Sanrio fan finding their true ocean-loving, friendship-making, theme park-building selves!

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