The Christmas lights shining everywhere are a fabulous part of the holiday season, but you haven’t really seen those lights until you’ve seen them through Holiday Specs, from American Paper Optics LLC. They’re special glasses that, when you wear them, turn a typical bulb into a magical image, creating beautiful shapes in the form of a Christmas star out of each light.

The 3-D lenses really bring lights to life. They’re made of paper, they come in several different designs, and they don’t cost much, but they really do work magic. Kids can put on the glasses and look at Christmas tree lights, city lights, or any bright point of light in the distance to see a stunning image through the specs.

Christmas tree without Holiday Specs
Christmas tree without Holiday Specs


Christmas tree with Holiday Specs!

If you want a really neat stocking stuffer, party favor, or simple gift for a lot of people on your holiday list, this is it. The specs are sold individually in novelty stores or in bulk at

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