Valentine’s Day is a day that kids love, too. Whether it is the parties or the cards, it can make an ordinary day extra special for kids young and old. Here are some easy ideas to show the love at home on Valentine’s Day.

valentines day ideas

1. Love Up the Lunch. Keep the cookie cutter out and cut out bread for the sandwiches in the shape of a heart. Other special touches include tucking in a Valentine’s Day napkin, some Hershey’s kisses, and even a small Valentine’s Day card. Instead of regular milk, maybe pack some strawberry milk with a fun straw.

2. Make Breakfast Special. Make heart-shaped pancakes served with strawberries on the side. Either pour the batter into a heart-shaped cookie cutter or after the pancake is cooked, cut out pancake hearts using a cookie cutter.

3. Make special cupcakes for an after school snack. Have on hand pre-made pink, red and white frosting, as well as other goodies like conversation hearts, red hots, sprinkles and more. Alternatively, make sugar cookies for kids to decorate.

4. Find Some Snuggle Time. Pop in a Valentine’s Day movie or pick up a Valentine’s Day book to read before bedtime. This movie and this book are my kids’ favorites.

5. Mail the Love. If your child is in college, in another state, or overseas, pack a care package with Valentine’s Day socks, a bag of chocolate, a card, and maybe even a CD or a special photo from home!

All in all, however you recognize the holiday, just take the time to give out lots of hugs—kids love that most of all.

Charlene DeLoach is a senior member of the Parent Advisory Board. She writes at and and is a Mom to a 4-year-old boy and 18-month-old girl.

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