Take to the rainbow stage and get ready to sing!

Kids already know and love the many videos from the Little Baby Bum YouTube channel, featuring nursery rhymes and songs sung by animated characters. The channel has more than 95 million subscribers worldwide, with little fans eager for each video. Now, those fans have something new to look forward to, with Moonbug Entertainment bringing a whole batch of beloved songs to a new animated series on NetflixLittle Baby Bum: Music Time.

The new series features favorite songs. | Source: Moonbug

The new musical show features friendly characters, catchy songs, and stories that’ll have kids learning important lessons. Hannah Jane Fox voices the music teacher Timberly Wimberly as she guides characters (and the kids watching) through music classes that teach about feelings and the expression of emotions. The series features original music composed by Leticia Wolf and J Vanyo, with classic songs like “Wheels on the Bus” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It.” The new series debuted on Netflix just yesterday, so kids can already get to watching!

For any little music fans having trouble getting to bed after a day full of singing, Moonbug has them covered. The Little Baby Bum Lullabies and Baby Sensory Bedtime Songs YouTube channels have videos perfect for winding things down. The Little Baby Bum: Time to Dream podcast on Audible is also great for bedtime, with audio journeys focused on sleep and mindfulness.

Little Baby Bum: Music Time is available to stream on Netflix now. Get up, head to music class, and get singing with a new series sure to get kids interested in the world of music.

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