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Who’s ready to party? Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon, that’s who!

The latest addition to Moose ToysLittle Live Pets line of interactive toy animals, Sunny the Bright Light Chameleon is a colorful friend for kids ages 5 and up. Sunny is about 6 inches long with hard plastic legs and a softer, rubbery body and tail. This chameleon pal also offers a variety of ways to play.

To start, kids can influence Sunny’s mood by petting its head, “feeding” the toy by putting their finger in its mouth, and talking to it. Sunny’s body is also full of multicolored lights that change with its mood: A good mood brings bright yellow lights while red lights indicate an angry mood, for example. Shouting at Sunny is sure to bring on an angry mood, and kids need to provide gentle, nurturing care to bring the good mood back! Feeding Sunny too much can also make the chameleon start to feel a bit sick (green), while Sunny might start to get overheated (orange) if kids pet its head for too long. If Sunny is super happy, the toy will light up with rainbow colors and sing a song.

Overall, Sunny has more than 30 different sound reactions and emotions, so kids can stay engaged and become attuned to different emotional expressions. Sunny will even chatter back in its chameleon language when kids speak to it, using a tone of voice that reflects its current mood.

However, this is just the start of the fun with Sunny. This Little Live Pet also features suction cups on its feet so that it can cling to surfaces just like a real chameleon. Sunny’s feet cling best to smooth materials, such as glass, polished wood, or metal. While the toy’s grip is pretty strong, Sunny may start to slide down or fall off of surfaces after an extended time. Kids can prolong the suction effect by making sure that Sunny’s feet and the surface are both wiped clean of dust and debris. However, Sunny’s soft body is sturdy enough to withstand some falls! When kids are ready to move Sunny to a new spot, it’s best to break the suction on each foot individually (by inserting a fingernail between the suction cup and the surface) instead of pulling on Sunny’s body.

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But honestly, this still isn’t Sunny’s most fun feature. The toy also has a party mode, which kids can enter by shaking Sunny. Kids will know that they’ve successfully switched modes when they hear a fun sound effect and Sunny’s whole body lights up. Once Sunny is in party mode, kids can play any music and Sunny’s multicolored lights will flash to the beat. This effect is especially fun in a room with lower lighting and elevates any at-home dance party! Sunny can stay in party mode for 20 minutes before automatically shutting off, but it’s easy to keep the party going longer by tapping Sunny, then shaking the toy to re-enter party mode.

Overall, Sunny is sure to be a bright spot in any day, offering plenty of interactive play potential for only $15.99!

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