The Miniverse is expanding into reality TV! Well, reality TikTok

Miniature enthusiasts can compete in a new reality competition series on TikTok, featuring the miniature collectible brand MGA’s Miniverse. There are several MGA’s Miniverse collections and editions, including the Make It Mini Food and Cafe Editions and Make It Mini Lifestyle. Fans can put together their own mini collectible with the Make It Mini collections.

In the TikTok series, accurately titled Bite Size, social media creators will compete in challenges using items from Make It Mini collections. The participants will enter a toy-inspired kitchen as they prepare for mini food challenges. 

Contestants must use items from different Make It Mini collection capsules to create a mini that fits a certain theme, under a time limit of course. Judges will select a winner for the episode, and eliminate a contestant based on certain criteria. Nine MGA’s Miniverse Make It Mini toy collections will share the spotlight with the participants. 

There are several challenges, so you’ll never get tired of watching the contestants enter the Miniverse. In “And Action!” contestants have access to the Miniverse cupboard and fridge to create a mini that looks like it is in action. Think spilled slushies and pizza with a slice missing. 

In another challenge, “Mini Monsters,” the Miniverse Halloween capsules will have a moment as contestants use items from the Halloween collection to create a miniature monster or creature in 2 hours. At the end of the series, contestants must create three courses that fit into one cuisine theme for the final challenge. They only have 3 hours to complete it!

If you’re a fan of miniature items and DIY creations, you might want to tune in to see who is eliminated and who will win $10,000. The winner is also given an opportunity to create an exclusive mini capsule. Their design will join an upcoming Make It Mini collection. 

The competition is perfect to watch on your work break and can also entertain other miniature-lovers in the family, as the 20 episodes are only 5- or 6-minutes long. TikTok users might recognize the host of Bite Size, miniature fan and TikTok creator Marc Sebastian. Guest judges include influencers, celebrities, and industry professionals like Jake Shane, Ashley Yi, Ivan McCombsk, and Kouvr Annon. 

Miniature fans can watch the first episode of Bite Size on Oct. 18, exclusively on the official Miniverse TikTok

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Samantha Connell

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