Family fun is the ultimate destination! | Source: Hasbro

Mr. Monopoly is going on vacation!

Hasbro‘s Monopoly: Travel World Tour Game invites families on a fun-filled journey with a new twist on the classic game. Gameplay is pretty similar to the original, but these destinations are much more exciting than your standard boardwalk.

Before we begin, you should know this review is coming from someone who didn’t play Monopoly with her own husband until they were three years into their marriage for the fear of arguing, so you can trust me when I say this version is family-friendly (even for the most competitive family members). Families can create new memories as they “travel” and discuss real-life memories from the places on the board that they’ve been, or share where they would like to go. Nevertheless, it’s still Monopoly, so bring your game face. 

The game pieces feature a fun travel twist in Monopoly: Travel World Tour Game. | Source: Hasbro

This game is meant for 2-4 players, and each one can pick a token that features a stamp underneath it. As players travel the board, they can leave their mark (literally). When you buy a destination, it features a travel goal. Every time you land on a goal of yours, you stamp the board, and once you have four stamps on the board, you’re declared the champion.

There are also prompts on several Travel Journal cards (this game’s version of the Mystery Chest) in which players are asked to stamp the card.  Unlike when you stamp the board and wipe it clean after gameplay, the card stamps are permanent. When you return to play the game another time, you’ll remember the last time you or a friend stamped the card! 

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Families will also learn fun facts about their destinations as they move along, such as how the Rhine Castle Trail in Germany feature 130 miles worth of medieval castles. Of course, we’re going on a modern adventure, so this game replaces Monopoly’s typical railroads with airplanes. When you land on a “Local Flight,” you can pay $100 and travel to any destination before the next flight space. If you land on “Long-Distance Flights,” you may pay $200 and travel to anywhere on the board!  

All travel has to come with some fees, so players who land on the Travel Insurance and the Travel Guide Fees spots will have to pay the amount shown. There’s also a “Chance” you may need to cough up some dough with the Chance cards. At least with this game, there’s no going bankrupt: You just simply wait if you run out of funds (I wish it were that easy in real travel scenarios!).

Mr. Monopoly is heading on a trip of a lifetime. Are you tagging along?

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