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My Little Pony has come a long way since launching in 1983. In 2021, the My Little Pony: A New Generation film introduced a new generation of kids to the brand, followed by two animated series last year. My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale originally launched on YouTube, and now it’s heading to Netflix with 10 episodes following the Mane 5 and their everyday adventures.

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Each episode is 20 minutes long, continuing the story of Sunny Starscout and her friends after the magic returns to the land of Equestria. Earth ponies, unicorns, and pegasi are now all living together again in Maretime Bay. Kids can find out how Sunny makes new smoothie flavors, where Izzy gets inspiration for her unicycle creations, how Zipp finds clues to solace problems, and what’s going on at Pipp’s Mane Melody salon.

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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale begins streaming on Netflix on March 27. Kids can also catch another slice-of-life series, My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, and the My Little Pony: A New Generation movie on Netflix. Fans can learn more about the My Little Pony world and get to know the Mane 5 characters better at

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