There is plush, and there is glam, but you get the ultimate surprise when you add the two together. More specifically: the Na! Na! Na! Ultimate Surprise from MGA Entertainment.

The first surprise in this hot fashion doll set is the amazing furry backpack. The second surprise is the 11-inch doll within. If you are not familiar with Na! Na! Na! Surprise dolls, they are 8-inch dolls that have soft, fabric bodies that are also poseable, so this the absolute ultimate to have a unique doll of this size. Piper Prim (in the rainbow cat) and Tuesday Meow (in the black bunny) both feature cute animal-themed hats, which are removable so that kids can brush and style their gorgeous, colorful, long hair.

The ultimate, epic reveal is that the backpack houses the more than 100 other surprises (not a typo!). Plus, the backpack can be a playset and storage as well. Parents and kids alike will appreciate the form and function — both of which also make it great for sleepovers. Once the bag’s admiration dies down, it is time to get to the unboxing of the many glamorous fashion surprises within.

To reveal the surprises insides, kids have a super fun, big balloon unboxing. (Pro tip: Do the reveal outside for easy cleanup!) Kids pop balloons to reveal more than 100 fashions and accessories. The rainbow kitty set accessories include a rainbow dress, a fuzzy jacket, a sparkly top, a glam skirt, a soft sweatshirt, four pairs of shoes, a fuzzy kitty hat, and glasses. (Um, I’ll take all of the above in human size, please!) The black bunny version has a blinged-out dress, a cool jacket, a cute T-shirt, a pink tutu skirt, a soft sweatshirt, four pairs of shoes, a fuzzy bunny hat, and glasses. Each set also includes a hairbrush to style the doll’s hair.

Mix and match all her fashions to create more than 100 unique looks. Whichever one you choose, it will be the ultimate holiday surprise for the kid in your life!

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Charlene DeLoach

Charlene DeLoach

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