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Mathematics doesn’t always have to be boring; it can also be a slam dunk!

Learn Fresh’s NBA Math Hoops app encourages a love for math through engaging math problems disguised as games. Students in grades 3-8 can use real NBA and WNBA statistics to learn basic arithmetic and increase their math fluency. Kids can also draft their own team of professional basketball players and solve math problems to score points. The NBA Math Hoops Skills & Drills app builds fundamental math skills through a simulation of the NBA All-Star Skills Competition.

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The nonprofit is expanding the reach of its apps to a new level with an NBA Math Hoops 2021-22 Arena Tour. The Learn Fresh team will visit five basketball games during the NBA 2021-22 season including Nuggets vs. Thunder (March 2), Kings vs. Nuggets (March 9), Santa Cruz Warriors vs. G League Ignite (March 13), Blazers vs. Rockets (March 26), and Sixers vs. Hornets (April 2). The team will set up a table at each game where fans can play on the NBA Math Hoops app and learn about the NBA Math Hoops program. The first location of the arena tour is tomorrow at the NBA’s Nuggets vs. Thunder game.

The program primarily helps kids from low-income communities explore math through the game of basketball. Through playing either the NBA Math Hoops board game or using the app in weekly sessions, kids can develop a love for math and improve their core skills. 

The NBA Math Hoops and NBA Math Hoops Skills & Drills apps are available for free on iOS and Android devices.

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