The marathon episodes are perfect for the beginning of the spring season! | Source: eOne

Peppa Pig is getting ready for Easter, with new toys and marathon episodes for kids to enjoy as they sort through their eggs!

To celebrate the Easter holiday, Peppa Pig will be getting a full marathon of episodes airing on Nick Jr. this weekend. Episodes of the eOne series will feature Peppa and her friends as they hunt for Easter eggs, celebrate spring, and take trips in the warm weather. Like always, these new episodes of the hit British TV series are guaranteed to bring a smile to young watchers.

Hasbro also has a number of new Peppa Pig toys, perfect for stuffing little Easter baskets. The Peppa’s Kids-Only Clubhouse is for kids ages 3 and up and features a movable wall, bakery backdrops, and figures of Peppa and her friend Rebecca Rabbit. Get it at Amazon or Target. The Peppa’s Family Red Car set is for kids ages 3 and up and has the whole Mummy and Peppa setting out for a trip in the car! The set includes the family’s bright red car, with Mummy Pig and Peppa Pig figures ready to ride inside. Kids can press on the steering wheel to hear music from the show, horn noises, and laughter. Get it at Amazon or Walmart. Finally, the Peppa’s Family 4-Figure Pack is perfect for kids that want the bring the whole Pig family together, with Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, little brother George, and Peppa Pig all included. Get it at Target or Walmart.

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Kids can catch the Easter-themed Peppa Pig episodes this weekend on Nick Jr. They’ll even be able to play along with the newest toys from Hasbro! Whether kids want to take a trip with Peppa Pig and family or have some fun in a secret clubhouse with her friend Rebecca Rabbit, there’s a charming playset for them.

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