This set includes the T. rex, robot, and a small Deinonychus (additional Dino Rise sets also pictured). | Source: Playmobil

Have you heard of The Legend of Dino Rock? The story says that a portal that leads to a land of immeasurable treasures is protected by dinosaurs, and only one can gain access … the Chosen One. Still, greedy humans and corporations have been battling the dinosaurs to try and find the portal. The Chosen One, Ian, is ready to arm his dinos and fight back against the Comet Corp.’s giant robot!

Now, kids ages 5 and up can recreate this epic conflict with Playmobil’s T-Rex: Battle of the Giants playset and choose to battle as the Comet Corp. and its robots or as Ian and his dinosaurs (or both!). While this toy is based on the Playmobil YouTube series Dino Rise, kids don’t need to watch it in order to play. After all, what doesn’t sound epic about a match-up between a dinosaur and robot?

These are all the figures and accessories included in the Dino Rise T. rex set. | Source: Playmobil

The set comes with an Ian figure, his T. rex, and the Comet Corporation Robot, but it’s also loaded with other key elements to make this battle interesting. First, there’s armor that Ian’s friends helped him build to fend off the Comet Corporation. And the loaded T. rex isn’t alone! The kit also comes with a Deinonychus, recognizable to any kid who loves dinos. This little raptor has an epic accessory that kids can attach to its back: a double projectile! It can fire a couple of shots and distract the robot as the T. rex prepares for a full-blown attack. Apart from the armor and artillery, this set comes with a total of nine projectiles, three energy stones that can unlock the portal in Dino Rock, a rocket launcher, and additional armor for Ian and his ride.

Now, it’s time to prepare for battle. The big T. rex figure is easy to move, with an articulated head and limbs so kids can recreate a giant “ROAR!” as it charges onto the field. All of the armor is easily attachable, but if kids can’t figure out how to hook it on, Playmobil has a handy video that shows the T. rex getting prepped to storm into action right in the beginning. Check it out below!

The Robot isn’t completely helpless, though — the T. rex will have to put up a fight! Kids can propel two projectiles from the robot directly at the dinosaur. But can the robot match the firepower of Ian? Attached to Ian’s saddle on the T. rex is a small divot, and it perfectly fits an included oil tank that can be catapulted at the robot.

Overall, this kit is filled with enough trinkets to stage an epic battle between machines and dinosaurs. After watching some episodes of Dino Rise: The Legend of Dino Rock on YouTube, I only wished there was more included! After all, there are some pretty cool characters and creatures in Playmobil’s mini-series. Fortunately, the dinosaurs that I found myself missing are available in additional playsets and toys in Playmobil’s Dino Rise collection.

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The T. rex set and other Dino Rise toys, are available now Playmobil’s website. Kids can collect additional battles including Pteranodon vs. Drone, Saichania vs. Robot, Triceraptos vs. Mini-bots, and more.

Slowly but surely, kids can gather a large battalion as they fight for control of the portal! In the end, it’s up to kids to decide who will win — dinos or robots?

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