Game night is known to get a little bit competitive as family and friends vie to see who will come out on top. And winning isn’t easy — especially when it comes to trivia games. Some players will undoubtedly have better knowledge of certain subjects than others, which can lead to frustration during what should be a fun night. But that issue is completely eliminated in PlayMonster’s latest game Okay, Genius… in which your answer is ALWAYS the correct one.

This get-to-know party game includes 300 cards, a dry-erase board with marker, and a 50-sheet response pad. | Source: PlayMonster

Okay, Genius… is a get-to-know-you party game in which players form opinions about ridiculous questions. Have you ever wondered what’s the perfect number of clowns to come out of a clown car? Or what about the number of ghost encounters it would take for you to sell your house? Families can learn more about each other’s preferences through the prompts presented on 300 cards.

Many games have complicated instructions that ruin family fun nights because of their lengthy list of rules, but not this game! Families will love the simplicity of Okay, Genius… as it only requires players to write down answers to questions. The only challenge you’ll face is based on how well you know the people around you!

Get to know your friends and family by asking funny absurd questions like, “How many bananas is a bananas amount of bananas?” | Source: PlayMonster

The game begins when the “genius” for the round draws a question card and writes their response to it on the included dry-erase board. Other players will use the response sheets to guess how the current “genius” would answer the question. The player whose guess is closest to the right answer wins the round. Each game is designed for at least three players and the game can last as long as you want. 

Families and friends can use this game as an opportunity to comfortably learn more about each other. While the questions are funny and absurd, none of them are extremely personal or controversial. Families can enjoy a light-hearted game that sparks togetherness instead of arguments. 

Okay, Genius… is the perfect game to play at any event or function including office parties, sleepovers, game nights, and more. These easy-going questions are great ice-breakers to use for people you’ve just met or for people you’ve known your whole life. Designed for ages 14 and up, families and friends can share a laugh while getting to know each other. 

You can unearth the answer to real-life questions, like “How many trees make a small forest?” in this hilarious ice-breaker party game. In Okay, Genius… everyone gets the chance to be a genius!


In this game, players will form opinions about ridiculous questions, like "What is the perfect number of clowns to come out of a clown car?" or "How many pairs of underpants should you own?" Everyone shares their opinions, but the player who is the "genius" for the round is always correct.

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