All four Pudgy Penguins figures | Source: PMI

Next month, the Pudgy Penguins are waddling into the toy aisle!

The new Pudgy Penguins Figures from PMI are a collection of adorable vinyl figures, each featuring a wild and wacky outfit. The penguin figures are designed for kids and collectors ages 8 and up and stand about 4.5 inches tall.

At launch, there will be four styles of Pudgy Penguins figures to collect. For those who aren’t familiar with the Pudgy Penguins, they are a series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that debuted in 2021. The limited pieces of digital penguin art feature versions of the bird with five changing attributes: background, body, face, head, and skin.

The Pudgy Penguins figures come inside a window box, perfect for display shelves. | Source: PMI/The Toy Insider

The physical Pudgy Penguins toys aim to replicate the variability of their NFT counterparts. Each of the penguin figures has a different body and face, plus two removable accessories, which means kids can mix and match them to create an even wider range of looks for their figures if they collect more than one. The super-cute figures also come packaged in a window box, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally doubling up while trying to collect them all.

At $12.99, the figures are also affordable. Combined with the mix-and-match play pattern and fun style, they make for a cute collectible on their own. However, there is also a digital component to this toy.

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Inside the box, kids will also discover an adoption certificate for their new Pudgy Penguin, which features a QR code that kids can scan to unlock digital NFT content. Basically, the QR code generates a string of numbers and letters that you input into The unique code will unlock a set of eight virtual items, including different penguin skins (offering different colors and patterns), accessories, and facial expressions. Then, kids can use those items — which range in rarity — to customize and save a virtual penguin avatar.

The items that kids redeem using the QR code don’t directly match the Pudgy Penguins figure that they collect — this is where the surprise reveal element comes into play. Kids under the age of 13 will need adult supervision when using, and users must create an account with a valid email to make their penguin avatar.

Once users perfect their Pudgy Penguin character, they can name and finalize their new virtual pal. Then the penguin hatches from a virtual egg and is stamped with its official date and time of creation. At this stage, users can download a GIF or an image of their final penguin.

As kids collect additional real-life penguin figures, they can unlock new looks for their Forever Pudgy Penguin pal and update it on the site. At this time, creating the avatar is the extent of playability on However, PMI has teased a more extensive interactive world on the way for these virtual characters.

Whether kids are looking for a cute piece of room decor or are interested in an age-appropriate intro to the world of NFTs, the Pudgy Penguins figures are a *cool* place to start!

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