It’s a party with guinea pigs on the Nintendo Switch! Well, guinea pigs-turned-automobiles.

Up to four people can play at a time. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Pui Pui Molcar Let’s! Molcar Party! , the new Nintendo Switch game, is inspired by the stop-motion animated series Pui Pui Molcar. The series follows guinea pigs that are transformed into cars as they make friends and eat carrots.

In the game, players will visit and customize Moltown using rewards from different minigames. There are 10 minigames available, and players might recognize settings and scenes from the show while playing. Dance parties, games of cops and robbers, high-speed racing, vehicular soccer, and more are available for up to four players. As the town flourishes, different Molcars will travel to the town for players to meet. They can also feed the Molcars carrots and pet them! 

In multiplayer mayhem, up to three players can participate in a party game adventure. The game is also suitable for single players, so your little one can play by themselves in the car or after school. 

Customize your Molcar! | Source: MGA Entertainment

Players can take photos of different moments during the game and look through them in the photo studio. Pui Pui Molcar-lovers can also customize their Molcar with more than 80 fashion accessories, including game-original accessories. 

Pui Pui Molcar Let’s! Molcar Party! is available on Nintendo Switch for $39.99 at major retailers.


This Nintendo Switch game is inspired by the series Pui Pui Molcar and features the guinea pigs-turned-automobiles! Kids can play 10 minigames, customize their Molcar, and interact with more than 40 Molcars.

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  • $39.99
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  • E for Everyone

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