Time’s Up Title Recall, by R&R Games Inc., is a guessing game that has players scrambling to guess the title card before time runs out. Four or more players ages 12 and up divide into teams, with the title card pile in the center. During a turn, one member of the team is the Cluegiver, and the other members are the Guessers. In the first round, the Cluegiver can use unlimited words—as long as he or she doesn’t include the actual words on the title card. The Cluegiver can also hum, act, or use sound effects to try to help his or her Guessers guess the card. In the second round, the Cluegiver can only use one word. In the third round, no words may be spoken.

In our test, the laughs came quick. The first card pulled was “Office Space.” Naturally, the first clue was “excuse me, I believe you have my stapler,” in the same silly voice of the character in the movie. “Thriller” was another card drawn, inspiring a hilariously horrible attempt at Michael Jackson’s infamous zombie dance routine from the music video. Still another title card drawn was “Rock Lobster,” a title ultimately put together by guessing each word separately.

Time’s Up! includes 432 cards, with two titles on each—ample material for hours of team fun.

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