There are many ways to learn about those closest to you, and one of those ways is through games. Game nights may bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in us, but these nights always guarantee hours of laughter and unforgettable memories. Families can strengthen familial bonds in this hilarious card game from Exploding Kittens

That Escalated Quickly is truly a game that takes things from 0 to 100. In every round, 2-8 players work together to put absurd things in the right order. Players ages 10 and up can add laughs to their game nights with the game’s 150 double-sided question cards, 10 number cards, and score mat. 

The game begins when everyone is dealt a secret card with a number from 1-10. The Organizer will read aloud a question card, which features wacky scenarios like, “I’m jumping out of an airplane. When I pull the ripcord, what comes out of my pack?” 

The hilarity begins as players provide crazy responses that match the intensity of their secret number card. The Organizer, with help from other players, must then arrange the absurd answers in the correct order based on scales such as “tastiest to grossest,” “cutest to scariest,” and more.  

Unlike many party games, this one encourages teamwork and communication. Many games can cause ridiculous arguments, but That Escalated Quickly encourages families and friends to work together to win. Players get a point for every correct order and must get three points to win. 

That Escalated Quickly is fun once you know the rules, but reading the instructions can be challenging. For this reason, players may watch the instructional video by scanning the manual’s QR code or visiting

That Escalated Quickly is great for on-the-go fun as the set comes in fall-proof packaging, meaning there’s no chance the cards will fall out of the box during travel. The box also features designated slots for the cards, so there’s no need to worry about anything getting mixed up or lost. 

Families and friends can get to know each other by answering funny questions from That Escalated Quickly. If you’re looking for a game that doesn’t start arguments, features icebreaker elements, and encourages creative answers, then this is the game for you!


Players must respond to the prompt card’s scenario with the intensity of their crazy, silly answer matching a provided secret number. Players can work together to put the absurd answers in correct numerical order based on scales like “tastiest to grossest,” “cutest to scariest,” and more.

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