Sago Mini First Words builds on language development. | Source: Sago Mini

Sago Mini is communicating fun in language development!

Spin Master, the company behind the Sago Mini studio and apps (including Sago Mini School and Sago Mini World), has teamed up with Otsimo to release a new app. Sago Mini First Words is a game-based learning app designed to help kids build on their early language development through fun activities, mini games, and videos.

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Recommended for kids ages 5 and below, the app incorporates peer mimicking as its primary learning strategy. Kids can listen to videos and repeat words they hear, increasing their articulation and comprehension skills. As kids repeat words, Sago Mini First Words customizes learning milestones so parents can keep track of their progress. The app also gives kids an opportunity to practice their speech in a variety of social situations and contexts, helping them relate their speech to the world around them.

Sago Mini First Words activity cards | Source: Sago Mini

While developing their vocabulary, kids can explore topics they are actually interested in. Whether kids want to practice numbers, find out what a bear sounds like, or even what a rabbit likes to eat, there are fun activities for every curious mind. Stories, mini games, and fun face filters can also help kids connect to the world. New content is added monthly to keep kids engaged and enthusiastic about learning. 

Sago Mini First Words is available to download exclusively from the Apple app store and requires a monthly or annual subscription.

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