Craft a forever keepsake and declutter your kid’s art at the same time!

Anyone with a kid who loves to draw will know that the artwork starts to pile up. There’s only so much room on the fridge, but luckily the app Scribble has come up with a solution. Just use the app to take a picture of artwork, craft projects, and more, and easily make 24 photos into a hardcover book full of memories.

The simple to-pick-up Scribble app starts with taking a picture of the art you want to make into a book. Then, the app’s algorithm will process the image and enhance the photo so it’s ready to go. With adjustments such as straightening, removing distracting backgrounds, and even choosing complimentary background colors, the app will make sure things look perfect for print. Each book needs a minimum of 24 photos, but if you don’t have a full collection yet, the app will let you save what you’ve got for later.

The hardcover Scribble books come in two sizes: a 11-by-8.5-inch book, the most popular size, and a 8.5-by-8.5-inch book for a nice square. The first size will be similar to favorite hardcover story books, so it’ll fit right in on any kid’s bookshelf.

Get the Scribble app now and get to book-making, and have an art gallery you’ll cherish for years to come! Learn more at the official Scribble webpage.

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Bug Hartsock

Bug Hartsock

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