If your kiddos love watching the movie Clue, binging Scooby-Doo, finding Waldo, or reading Richard Scary books, they will love Search Party: Chaos in the Park from Relatable Games (formerly What Do You Meme?).

This board game brings players on a wild ride in a pop-up paper amusement park filled with monkey business, who dis, and wheel deals! The 3D play highlights a vertical roller coaster and Ferris wheel. When you open the board, expect a lot of “oohs” and “ahhs” because it is not something you see often in a board game! The game’s flat surface highlights various amusement park guests and workers, revealing context clues and hidden objects players must find throughout the gameboard.

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The first way to play is strictly a seek-and-search safari. There is a booklet showcasing 300 objects to find on the gameboard. Each person uses the included magnifying glass to find the listed objects. For example, the player has to find a fish with wings or a dog eating pizza. But remember: This game has vertical gameplay, so look up! Some hidden objects could be on the Ferris wheel or roller coaster.

While there is not an included sand timer, you can set a time limit for each player in which they have to find the object. If they do not find it in the allotted time, the next player gets a turn to find the object. Each person gets a turn until the item is found! Whoever finds it gets a point. This reviewer, however, likes to give nickels or dimes rather than points to make it more interesting! Alternatively, everyone can search for the object at the same time and see who discovers it first.

Another way to play is using the mission cards. There are 15 missions you can embark upon, with several tasks in each. Each mission pack contains a mystery about something happening in the park that needs your help solving. For example, in the “Clowning Around” mission, players have to find the clown car crash and discover why the car crashed to begin with.

There are 4-6 tasks in each mission. One person acts as the head detective to read the task card out loud to the other players. Then, everyone uses the board to find the clues to help solve the task. Once everyone thinks they have solved the task, the head detective checks the answer. If wrong, they can prompt the player. If correct, the head detective reads the second task, and so on. So players must use thinking, reasoning, and planning skills to complete each mission or find every object!

Parents can pull out the board to have kids find five objects while waiting for dinner or if things are getting rowdy on a rainy day. You can play for an hour or just five minutes. Kids can play the seek-and-search aspect alone or with a group of players, making the game versatile. While the game is for kids ages 8 and up, this parent reviewer suggests that younger kids play the seek-and-search aspect. Since there are quadrants (E9 or R3, for example), a parent can guide a younger player to look in a smaller square for an object. However, parents may wish an answer key booklet was included with the game!

While the game relies on strategy and problem-solving skills, it is not a stressful play experience, so kids who don’t enjoy the competitive aspect of playing board games will enjoy the casual play pattern in this seek-and-find gameplay. Additionally, since there are 300 hidden objects, players can use the gameboard over and over again — even if you find the last object on the list, you probably forget where the first object was by that point! It makes this board game part of your family’s game experience for years to come!


This 3D pop-up board game takes kids through 15 missions and 300 search-and-find objects around an epic amusement park. Work through mission cards or enjoy a bonus way to play in this multi-card story that encourages inquisitive fun.

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