Are the kids in your life *really* into Top Gun after Top Gun: Maverick came out last year? They may not be able to make it to Top Gun for a few years, but they can get the thrill of dogfighting and stunts with the Sky Viper Vector Performance Stunt Jet from Skyrocket Toys

Designed for kids ages 12 and up, the Sky Viper Vector Jet is the remote-control plane of kids’ dreams. To get started, the Sky Viper Vector Jet requires three AAA batteries (not included). Once the Sky Viper Vector Jet in ready to take to the air, kids can either attach the removable landing gears or launch it into the air by throwing it. Once it’s in the air, kids can maneuver the plane using the included remote, which features two joysticks to control up-and-down and side-to-side movement. This plane can also do epic stunts like barrel rolls and loops with the press of a button, which is perfect for young thrill-seekers! The Sky Viper Vector Jet is super smart and can stabilize itself in windy conditions using an internal gyroscope. 

The Sky Viper Vector Performance Stunt Jet is geared up for action! | Source: Skyrocket

The Sky Viper Vector Jet is designed to reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour. That doesn’t sound so bad when it’s on the packaging, but this thing is insanely fast. I wouldn’t recommend playing with the Sky Viper Vector Jet in an area with trees, as the jet gets going so fast that it can be hard to react in time to move it in time. However, it is sturdy, even after diving into a couple of trees. If pieces do fall off, fear not! The set comes with a repair kit, including propellors and other parts!

Kids can fly the plane up to 600 feet away, which can pose a problem if the plane lands and you can’t see it. However, the Sky Viper Vector Jet has an audio tracer! The plane will make beeping noises that they can follow to find it.

Even if kids aren’t quite ready to join Maverick on epic missions, the Sky Viper Vector Jet is a fun outdoor toy that will add a thrill to a sunny afternoon!


With this jet, kids can perform amazing loop and barrel roll stunts with a single press of a button. Intuitive controls and refined flight software make this easy enough for beginners, yet engaging enough for experienced enthusiasts.

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