Spotify? Apple Music? No — Elenco’s Snap FM Radio by Snap Circuits

There’s nothing better than a sense of accomplishment with a bit of entertainment along the way. This set with parts to build an actual FM radio will give kids this confidence, as well as a little reward when they’re able to listen to their favorite artists and talk shows. 

Ed Sheeren, Dua Lipa, sports talk — you name it, you can listen. 

While it initially may look intimidating, the radio includes easy-to-follow instructions, so kids ages 8 and up will most likely be able to put this together all by themselves. It definitely is a lot simpler than other sets by Snap Circuits, and might just be the perfect starting point for beginners

All kids need to kick off the project is three AA batteries that aren’t included in the set, and then not only will they have a fun rainy-day activity putting together the 24 included pieces, but they’ll also learn all about radio waves and electricity. A sneaky educational experience! 

Not to mention, this set is only $19.99, so parents can save money for that future engineering degree that’s going to be a necessity when kids realize how fun this STEM set is.

Or, of course, they may have an aspiring radio jockey on their hands instead. No matter how this inspires kids, this is a great gift with the longevity to keep them entertained and proud of themselves.


With this entry-level Snap Circuits kit, kids can participate in four hands-on projects to build a working FM radio. The project will teach kids about the science of radio waves, amplifiers, circuits, and electricity.

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  • MSRP:
  • $19.99
  • Age:
  • 8+

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