The SOS Save Our Species card game is a wild ride. | Source: WWF

Calling all nature lovers: The planet’s wildlife needs our help!

15-year-old Jackson Mann is doing his part by raising awareness of wildlife extinction and providing future funding for conservation through the new SOS Save Our Species card game, recommended for kids ages 7 and up. Mann collaborated with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to accurately represent the endangered animals and plants in need of protection.

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Mann’s goal — and the aim of the card game — is to protect endangered wildlife. In the game, players will try to collect the most species from various biomes and match them with their correct habitats. The more endangered the species, the more points the player can score. Event cards based on real-life situations can also positively or negatively impact the game, leading to habitat destruction or even species extinction! The game ends when there are no more cards in the discard or draw piles, and the player with the most points from their surviving species wins the game.

Wildlife protectors can officially back the project on Kickstarter and pledge their support to receive a copy of the game. If the game reaches its fundraising goal, copies of the game are expected to ship this July. Additionally, 100% of the profits from all future retail sales will be donated to the WWF and other conservation charities. 

Check out the project’s Kickstarter for more information on how to play the game, potential rewards for supporters, and more.

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