A CarBoard Race Track | Source: CarBoard

We’re all well aware of the ways our creativity was tested at the height of the COVID-19 quarantine. Zoom Happy Hours, family bake-offs, and online school were just a few of the many make-shift attempts to preserve a sense of normalcy in the “unprecedented times.” One family in Richmond, Virginia took their creative efforts to new heights — or should we say, new speeds — and created their very own toy race track! 

CarBoard is a toy car ramp made from 100% recycled cardboard. After receiving a large package in the mail, Blake Serrano and his family decided that the leftover materials were a perfectly suitable arena for his son’s toy cars. One year and many models later, CarBoard has launched on Kickstarter as a two-lane car ramp. 

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The toy includes two, 24-inch sections that kids can connect to create a long ramp, or use them independently as two shorter ramps. The two lanes each measure 3 inches wide and are designed to fit all kinds of toy cars. There is a notch for the included starting line so kids can simply line up two cars against the insert and lift for race time! Kids can disconnect the CarBoard pieces for easy and organized storage. 

With a pledged goal of $35,000, the CarBoard Kickstarter campaign will run for 27 more days. The retail CarBoard set, which includes two 3-foot tracks, is priced at a pledge of $35. Ready, set, go! 

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