Osmo from BYJU’s is well-known for its toys that utilize technology to make learning fun. Now, with the help of Pillow Fort Games, the brand is bringing a whole new experience to kids who love a good card game.

Rise of the Gummies is an upcoming collectible card game that has two players gather a team of gummies from five different planets to build the tallest tower. The game utilizes tech for an augmented reality experience. Kids can reveal a gummy card to a phone or a tablet to summon the gummy into the game, adding them to the tower. 

Each character has a unique ability. | Source: Osmo from BYJU’s

Each gummy has its own individual personality, as well as abilities that help in the tower-building mission. Whether it’s melting an opponent’s gummy or throwing a dance party, the colorful characters in this game will do anything to climb even higher. 

The Rise of the Gummies Kickstarter is expected to launch later this year. The game is designed for kids ages 8 and up, and supports one or two players. The associated app will be available on smartphones and tablets. The game is planned to launch with 40 cards from its first expansion, giving little tower builders tons of character options as they build their deck. 

Head over to the Kickstarter page to sign up to be notified once the crowdfunding campaign launches. For even more information about the game overall, interested card collectors can have a look at the official website.

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