Goal: $15,000
Stretch Goal: $100,000
Funding Period: Until September 15
Creator: Steven Dourmashkin

Picture this: you’re wearing a ring, you tap it on your red shirt and a melody sounds (woah!). Then you tap it on you denim jeans, and another melody, equally as brilliant, beams out. You keep tapping this magical musical ring against different colored objects and listening to the different beats. It’s a ring that reacts to color—it’s a Specdrum.

Specdrums are app-controlled rings that turn color into sound. Tap anything with a hue to hear a new beat. The ring reacts differently to each color and, according to how you program it in the iOs or Andrioid app, can play different instruments.  Play on the Specdrums 12-color keyboard mat or make your own freestyle beats just by touching or tapping the ring against a colorful object. Make sure the volume is up on your device to hear your colorful tune. With Specdrums, the place to make music is anywhere. 

Each ring has a two hour lifespan and the amount of playable sounds is infinite. This jamming jewelry is great for DJ’s, children looking for a rad new smart toy, music lovers, or the notorious fidgeter.

Kickstarter donations for this euphonious finger wear start at $1 and go to $349. Prizes include multiple Specdrum rings dependent on how much you dontate.

Interested in making the world your sound box? Click here to support Specdrum.

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Kelly Corbett

Kelly Corbett

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