Bitzee pets, new interactive digital pets from Spin Master, are colorful displays that kids can touch, feel, and interact with in a new kind of play experience.

Housed inside a purple pod, Bitzee starts as an 8-bit puppy character. Just like a real pet, it needs love and care to help it grow. Virtual interactions allow kids to feed them, rock them to sleep, and clean up after them. The pets respond to tilts, swipes, and shakes with sounds and reactions. When the love meter is full, Bitzee is ready to evolve.

Each Bitzee evolves from a baby to an adult and then to a super Bitzee. Kids can collect up to 15 characters in one pod, including a puppy, a hedgehog, a bunny, and more. Rare and legendary characters are also available, including a butterfly, a poodle, a chameleon, a mercat, and a unicorn. Once the digital pet becomes a super Bitzee, kids discover its special outfit and its unique game to play. For example in the mouse’s game, Chef, kids have to catch the falling ingredients, or in the unicorn’s game, Party Animals, kids have to break the piñata.

Bitzee will be available starting on Aug. 1 at select major retailers for $29.99. It is recommended for kids ages 5 and up. 

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Nadia Velit

Nadia Velit

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