‘Mighty Express’ | Source: Spin Master Entertainment

If your kids have exhausted all of their streaming options or if you’re just tired of them watching the same YouTube clips over and over (and over), we have great news! Two of Spin Master Entertainment’s series have new episodes available on Netflix now.

The CG-animated preschool series Mighty Express and the anime series Bakugan: Geogan Rising are both heading into their third season. Mighty Express debuted last September as a modern take on the train genre, featuring a team of trains and their kid best friends as they go on action-packed missions. The new season of Bakugan: Geogan Rising will introduce an ancient species called Geogan that come in new, non-spherical shapes and explode into powerful monsters.

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There is an existing toy line based on the Bakugan franchise, including Spin Master’s Geogan figures and trading cards. Kids can collect and battle the Geogan characters in new forms, each with pop-open transformations and special battling powers. Spin Master has plans to launch a Mighty Express toy line this year.

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