In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. This is their origin story. *Badum*

As kids get older, the land of make believe expands beyond unicorns and dinosaurs and begins to encompass a bit of law and order. Tweens love pretending they’re investigating a crime scene as much as their parents love listening to true crime podcasts. To help nurture this STEM-focused creativity and maybe even create the next Olivia Benson, Thames & Kosmos has introduced the Spy Labs Forensic Investigation Kit.

With this kit, budding scientists can examine evidence and create fascinating experiments. It features multiple accessories to help kids with their investigations and a guide book to offer insights and help along the way. Parents will want to make sure they go over the safety rules before kids dive in and be nearby for guidance as needed. 

The guidebook welcomes kids to Spy Lab Inc. with an introduction to their new mentors and an easy-to-grasp introduction to forensic science. While it goes through each experiment, it also gives a story to go along with to help put kids into that world of make-believe.

While the scenarios are fake, the education kids will get is real. Kids can make secret ink, analyze the pH of a substance, identify powders, examine fingerprints, and more. The guidebook will keep them company along the way and the characters in the story will make it all feel more real. Science can sometimes seem like a scary subject to tackle, but the Spy Labs Forensic Investigation Kit makes it approachable and — more importantly — fun!

How to make STEM fun and exciting doesn’t have to be a mystery. Thames & Kosmos also has a full line of other Spy Labs Inc. kits for the future detective in your life.


Kids can perform experiments on evidence using chemical and physical techniques. They can analyze solids and liquids, make a fluorescent solution, and more using chromatography to solve make-believe mysteries.

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