Squeezamals World of Food Sushi Bowl (left) and Squeezamals World of Food Silly Burger (right) | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co./the Toy Insider

For once, kids are encouraged to play with their food!

The Squeezamals World of Food Collection from Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co. features plush foods that will have kids craving chicken dinners, burgers, sushi, pizza, and more. Kids ages 3 and up can enjoy some of their favorite foods (while learning about new ones) away from the dinner table while playing chef or just enjoying the squishy plush craze.

The packaging for each of these Squeezamals sets is made to look like the takeout boxes the actual food would come in, and they are almost as exciting as the toys themselves. Despite the variety of food groups in the collection, each piece smells like watermelon.

The plush food is super-soft to the touch and fun to squeeze because of the slow-rise memory foam inside. Most of the plush food is small enough to fit comfortably in a kid’s hand, with some larger Squeezamals with additional squishy surprises inside, like white rice inside a Chinese takeout box. Even for picky eaters, each foodie character is undeniably cute with its sparkly eyes and smile. 

Squeezamals World of Food Pizza | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

For kids hosting a pizza party, the Squeezamals pizza box contains two slices of plush pizza — one cheese and one pepperoni to spice things up — and other essential ingredients for an authentic Italian experience, including a block of plush parmesan cheese and a tomato. 

Squeezamals World of Food Chicken Dinner | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co.

The chicken- and burger-themed Squeezamals capture all-American fast-food favorites. The Chicken Dinner Squeezamals comes as a set with a baked chicken drumstick, which has a smooth texture, and a fried chicken drumstick with a frizzy texture. The set even includes a plush biscuit and gravy for a southern-inspired meal. 

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Squeezamal Silly Burger | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co./the Toy Insider

The Burger Squeezamal comes in a clam shell-style box with four parts: two sides of the bun, a patty with cheese, and a tomato with lettuce. Kids can stack the pieces for a truly ex-squeeze-ite burger or play with them separately.

Squeezamals World of Food Chinese Takeout | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co./the Toy Insider

The Chinese takeout box comes with plush bok choy, a shrimp, a dumpling, and a large block of white rice with long fuzzy strands to give it texture.

Squeezamals World of Food Sushi Bowl | Source: Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Co./the Toy Insider

The Sushi Bowl, one of the larger sets, is decorated with Japanese flowers and features a different style of plush Squeezamals that stand out from the other cuisines. Inside, the plush characters are cradled in place, kind of like a Bento box. These characters are food-animal hybrids rather than food with faces on them like the other Squeezamals in the collection. Aside from the included “shiba chef,” a Shiba Inu dressed in chef attire, the kit includes sushi rolls that play on their traditional counterparts, like “uni maki,” a unicorn wrapped in seaweed. There is also “salwhal maki,” a sushi roll with a narwhal in place of salmon, and an “ikuslo maki” featuring a sloth as the inside of the ikura maki roll. For a drink, there is even a koala in a tea glass.

The Squeezamals World of Food line can serve as a one-of-a-kind addition to any plush collection, or kids can add them to a play kitchen as they serve up the finest pretend foods playtime could offer!

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