The Wiggles have a treat up those colorful sleeves for kids of a new generation to learn and enjoy. 

The entertainment group is launching a new series called Wiggle and Learn, designed exclusively for YouTube. It will explore themes including language development, basic math, social skills, health, and world understanding. 

The first episode, called Let’s Learn about Animals! is launched now on The Wiggles YouTube Channel. New episodes will be released there every two weeks, each lasting 30 minutes. One season will include 40 episodes. 

Each episode will feature one of The Wiggles alongside of other series characters, such as Dorothy the Dinosaur and Wags the Dog, who will serve as hosts with the remaining Wiggles joining throughout the episode. 

Wiggle and Learn has been produced with primarily close-up shots, so kids watching feel like The Wiggles are speaking directly to them. The series’ content will be designed to foster active participation and engagement for kids to have the best learning experience. 

Other episodes in this season will feature themes such as transportation, food, exercise, bedtime, preschool, emotions, space, dolls, and more for kids to learn about.

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Kit Schroder

Kit Schroder

Kit Schroder is an editorial assistant at The Pop Insider, The Toy Insider, and The Toy Book. In her free time she loves to run, bake for her (very lucky) friends, do the Wordle and the Mini Crossword, and seek out the best deals at New York City restaurants.