This could get addicting.

Inspired by Begleri, Zing Toys’ Thumb Chucks is a new, pocket-sized skill toy that kids ages 5 and up can flip and twirl around their fingers to perform jaw-dropping tricks.

Thumb Chucks look relatively elementary, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a lot to offer. Essentially two balls connected by a six-inch string, Thumb Chucks offer unique, hands-on play that will help kids pass the time and eventually impress their friends with some sweet moves.With enough practice, kids can learn a variety of basic tricks including rebounds, passes, juggles, and wraps. These moves are the easiest, but still take time to master. Kids will learn patience and perseverance as they make their way towards more challenging tricks.

Intermediate and expert level moves such as Around the World, Index Roll, Aerial Roll, and Down the Ladder are a sight to behold. I’ve seen them performed on the Thumb Chucks Official YouTube channel by their ambassador Weston, and by myself in my dreams. Kids can view special tutorials for each move online to help them succeed, but should keep in mind that becoming a Thumb Chucks pro is a marathon not a sprint.

The Rebound, one of the beginner level tricks and the one I was able to master the quickest, is simple and fun. I also found it to be quite relaxing and de-stressing. The more time kids put in, the better they’ll get at controlling the roll.

Motion detection is another neat feature in Thumb Chucks. As kids practice, each ball lights up through built-in LED lights hidden inside. This makes it possible for kids to practice during the day and then hone their skills when the sun goes down and the lights go out. The lights turn off when not in use, which is a great way to prolong the life of the lights.The Thumb Chucks app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play, is the ultimate Thumb Chucks guide for kids. Free to download, the app includes helpful tutorials, customized video recording, neat special effects, and much more all in one convenient space.

Thumb Chucks come in red, blue, green, and orange, but kids can create their very own color combos by separating the string from the ball and swapping out a ball from a different pack. And even though the color combos are limited, there’s still room for young ones to add their own personality to their new fidget friend.

Check out all the amazing possibilities with Thumb Chucks below:

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