There are action figure fans — and then there are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure fans. The ‘80s OGs and the new millennial mega fans can agree that these sewer-dwellling Turtle brothers are bodacious dudes. To expand upon their Turtle Power, The Loyal Subjects‘ (TLS) Krang Throwback Robot BST AXN 8-inch XL Action Figure, the latest collectible in its TMNT toy line!

Before this review highlights this collectible toy, some readers may need a crash course in Turtle lingo. First, and most importantly, TMNT stands for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Next up: BST AXN does not stand for Back Street Turtles (although, that’s a boy band we’d sign up to see!), but instead stands for “Best Action,” (go ahead, try to pronounce it quickly and you’ll see!). Finally, the XL means it is The Loyal Subjects’ 8-inch-size action figures, compared to the other five-inch figures in their product lines.

And a little Turtle lore: The four characters that make up the TMNT bale are Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, and Michelangelo. The Turtles’ nemesis is Shredder, who leads a criminal ninja clan. Shredder often allies with Krang, an alien warlord, to battle the turtles. Krang was introduced in the original animated series and was inspired by the Utrom race from the TMNT comic book series.

Despite being second fiddle to Shredder within the storylines, The Loyal Subjects’ Krang BST AXN 8-inch XL Action Figure has also secured Krang’s place in The Foot gang history. Specifically, this Krang play robot is 8 inches tall and features a snap-and-release cockpit accessed through the waist. It reveals the real Krang, housed in the control pit of his likeness robot! Diabolical dude!

Considering Krang’s propensity for producing problems, the Krang robot comes with an axe, a drill, a laser weapon, a katana sword, punching fists, extra tentacle arms, and gripping hands! The Krang robot also features 31 connection points, including butterfly joints in the shoulder and double joints in its elbows and knees! Thus, the Krang accessories and articulation sets kids up for maximum posing and play possibilities.

Kids and grown-ups will appreciate Krang being packaged in a colorful collector’s box with a flap secured by Velcro locks. TMNT fans will love the included 100 Page Best of Krang compilation IDW Comic Book. It features TMNT Adventures No. 3, Vol 1 (Archie), TMNT Micro-Series: Krang (IDW), TMNT No. 37 (IDW), and TMNT: New Animated Adventures No. 11 (IDW)

Create your own mutant mayhem and collect all The Loyal Subjects TMNT BST AXN 5- and 8-inch action figures!


This 1:15-scale figure stands 8 inches tall and is packed with interactive features. The figure has a snap-and-release cockpit that kids or collectors can access through the waist, where they will find Krang inside his robot armor. The figure also comes with several interchangeable hand grips and weapons and features 31 points of articulation. This…

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  • 8+

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