Keeping still is overrated. From twirling your pen, to drumming your fingers, to shaking your leg, fidgeting is common among kids and adults alike, and it can actually be good for you. Fidgeting typically involves a repetitive activity, which clears the way for your brain to focus in on more complicated matters. Fidgeting can help you concentrate, keep calm, and think more creatively. Here are some fun fidget toys to help people of all ages stay on task and be more productive.

1. Spinner Squad Fidget Spinners (Top Trenz)

Fidget spinners are the hottest toy trend right now, with kids flocking to corner stores and begging parents for these fidget-friendly finds. While these toys can become distracting in a school setting, there are plenty of reasons to say “yes” to these spinning things.

These tri-shaped trinkets feature ball bearings that allow them to spin around a center with a simple flick. Spin them endlessly on a table or even pinch one in your fingers and watch it go. With lots companies cranking these out, Top Trenz’ Spinner Squad are the highest quality fidget spinners we’ve seen. These little toys can spin up to four minutes, and can withstand some fumbles while you perfect tricks like the one-finger spin. Fidget Spinners are a great way to keep your hands occupied and help your mind stay sharp.

2. Squigz (Fat Brain Toys)

Love popping bubble wrap? Here’s the next best thing: Squigz. These colorful little suckers from Fat Brain Toys stick to virtually any flat surface and can even stick to each other. Fidgety folks can stick, stack, and pull them apart with a satisfying pop. To the window, to the wall: make any surface a fidgety area with Squigz.

3. Tangle Therapy (Tangle Toys)

This tangly, twistable tool is not only fun, but therapeutic as well. Tangle is a compact fidget toy that encourages endless twisting and turning. Composed of multi-colored elbow pieces covered in texturized rubber, users can snap, bend, and squeeze it. Fidgeting with the Tangle provides a unique tactile experience. For those who have trouble concentrating or focusing, Tangle is a great way to improve those skills while having a little fun.

4. Morph (ORB Toys)

For some satisfying stress relief and creative fun, fidgety people can give Morph a squeeze. New from ORB Toys, Morph is a special squishy compund that will never dry out. It gets softer as you play with it, allowing for endless and addictive fidgety enjoyment (fair warning: it’s hard to put down). It’s lightweight and leaves almost no mess. Squeeze it, mold it, stretch it, and even bounce to your heart’s content. Plus, it’s gluten-free.


5. Thumb Chucks (Zing Toys)

Thumb Chucks will provide a real exercise for the fingers. Zing Toys‘ Thumb Chucks are two small rubber balls connected by a durable strap. The point of this fidget toy is to flick your wrists and fingers to send the balls swinging through the air and rolling across your hand in creative ways. Thanks to LED lights, the balls light up on impact with any surface, bringing some flash and style to the fidgeting fun. The official Thumb Chucks YouTube channel and app provide professional demonstration videos and comprehensive tutorials so new users can quickly learn how to Thumb Chuck like a pro and make fidgeting look awesome.

6. Slinky (ALEX Brands)

This classic toy from ALEX Brands should be high on every fidgety person’s must-have list. The simple pleasure of waving a slinky with your hands or bouncing it between your palms had been, and remains, a gratifying pastime for the fidgeters of the world. If you grab the metallic version of the Slinky, you’ll be able to hear that iconic Slinky sound, which can have its own calming effect. Of course if you can, sending it tumbling down a huge flight of stairs provides its own satisfaction.

7. Madballs (Just Play)

For those that don’t mind fidgeting with some retro ghoulish creatures, Madballs are made for you. A toy craze in the 1980s, these foam balls designed as gross and ghastly monsters are making a comeback this year, thanks to Just Play. These mummies, werewolves, zombies, and other gruesome creatures are perfect for bouncing, tossing, and squeezing. Madballs are a spooky, surefire way to fidget in fiendish fashion.

8. Mashems (Tech 4 Kids)

Tech 4 Kids‘ Mashems are squishy, sticky, and shaped like some popular characters. Stick them to a flat surface for some jiggly action, or squeeze them to watch them balloon up in your hand. These shrunken guys are available in many characters from hit franchises such as Marvel, DC, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony, and more.

9. Rubik’s Cube (Winning Moves Games)

This classic cube has been adorning desks for decades, making it one of the most timeless fidget toys of all time. Mixing up all the colors on each side with a few twists and turns is easy, but the age-old challenge of matching each color on all sides will kick your brain into high gear and keep your hands moving. If you’re feeling particularly fidgety, try solving Winning Moves Games‘ smaller 2×2 cubes or go big with 4×4 and 5×5 cubes.

10. Swingy Thing (Fat Brain Toy Co.)

Swing your way into a clearer headspace with Swingy Thing, from Fat Brain Toys. This portable toy features several colorful pendulums that can swing round and round. Swingy Thing boasts over 52 unique spinning challenges, where users must spin each pendulum in various combinations. Or, just swing at random for some casual fun. Did we mention how pretty it is?

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