Revamping classic games has been all the rage recently in the toy industry, and taking those games off of the tabletop is just as big of a fad. It’s Hasbro’s turn to do so with the new rendition of “The Game That Ties You Up in Knots”: Twister Air.

Though the classic Twister gameplay is active and definitely not tied to a tabletop, Twister Air takes that active play and multiplies it by 100. The game completely scraps the game mat and spinner, and adds in arm and ankle bands, an iPad (not included), and super fun dance music. This is an app-enabled, augmented reality (AR)-based party game that mixes classic Twister matching gameplay with a little bit of arcade-style Dance, Dance Revolution (DDR).

Players put the colored bands on their wrists and ankles; choose a song; then reach, clap, swipe, and pose their way through the beat as they scramble to match their bands to the colored spots on the iPad screen. For each spot they hit, they earn posts. I can say from experience that the “active” part of this game was no joke — it’s fun to get swept away into the music and easy to get drawn into the competition, so expect to break a bit of a sweat.

The game is super easy to set up, but you do need some room to play! Since you’re watching the screen as you dance, you’ll need about a 6-square-foot space to fully pick up the bands accurately and have enough space to move. Once you download the app, set your smart device (not included) in the included stand and get to dancing. It works with any smart device or tablet, but make sure that you have the most recent software installed for the best AR results. It calibrates pretty simply as well; the whole setup takes a couple of minutes, so you’re ready to get moving right off the bat.

Players can choose from either VS or Team modes — depending on whether they’re feeling competitive or collaborative. Like the home version of DDR, it’s super fun to watch as well as play — so it truly is the perfect entertainment for your next group gathering.


In this app-enabled, augmented-reality spin on Twister, players can strike poses to music beats as they match their wrist and ankle bands to the colored spots on screen. The game includes eight Twister Air bands and a device stand.

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