Twister Air puts a modern *twist* on the classic game and brings it to the digital age. 

This Hasbro game is a virtual version that takes the moves from the mat to your screen through the free Twister Air app. The game comes with four wristbands and four ankle bands, which are comfortable and durable. Players put on the bands and calibrate them with their device in order to follow the cues in the app. 

Each band a different color, players sync their movements with colored spots displayed on their screen. The app detects their actions and encourages them to swipe, clap, and strike poses in time with the music — which players can choose from a fun and diverse soundtrack selection. 

The game also comes with a device stand. Simple to put together, the stand can hold up your phone or tablet while you play. However, since you’ll need to back up far enough away to be able to fit your entire body on the screen, I would recommend opting for the tablet or screen-sharing on your TV to be able to see clearly and get the highest score possible. 

In the app, you can choose to play solo, engage in a round of two versus two, or split into teams. The solo mode challenges players to break their own personal record, while the two versus two mode is for thrilling head-to-toe battles. Only two players can play at a time, but choosing to play in teams allows a maximum of eight players to switch bands after rounds and have some friendly competition among larger groups. The more colored spots successfully hit, the more points you get. 

The app is extremely simple to use and it offers a user-friendly interface with clear instructions to make it easy to understand and navigate. With score tracking and the ability to save your favorite moments to watch again later, it offers a fun incentive to keep coming back to the game. 

This is the perfect game for kids ages 8 and up to get some energy, but adults will get just as much of a kick out of Twister Air as well, and even a fun workout! 

The great thing about this game is that as long as there’s enough space around you, you can play it anywhere. Because it’s played through an app, it requires very little physical setup, which makes it perfect for kids to play inside on a rainy day or bring outside if the music gets a little too loud. 

This party game offers a fresh and interactive experience for a hilarious time that is sure to make lasting memories for family and friends, and encourage kids to get active! 


In this app-enabled, augmented-reality spin on Twister, players can strike poses to music beats as they match their wrist and ankle bands to the colored spots on screen. The game includes eight Twister Air bands and a device stand.

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