Family game night just got a new UNO game! | Source: Mattel

UNO gets a fresh set of rules with UNO Flex!

Mattel’s ever-popular card game now has a new addition to the UNO library. UNO Flex has similar rules to regular UNO, but incorporates new Flex Cards that players can use to change the color or action of a card. For example, the “flex” option on a Draw 4 card will allow the card user to pick which player they’d like to have Draw 4, rather it just being the next player in turn order. The Flex Cards will also allow players to switch between two colors, making for fun and reactive gameplay.

The new gameplay features should spice up any family UNO night. If you can’t get enough UNO, there are other variations on the game also available. UNO Attack is a game of UNO that blasts cards at players, UNO All Wild features a deck made entirely of Wild Cards, and UNO Party is designed for larger groups to play.

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UNO Flex is available to purchase for $6.49 at a variety of online retailers. The game is recommended for kids ages 7 and up, so will be perfect to add to the family game shelf.

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