Lavender Puppy What The Fluff | Source: Spin Master

There’s no such thing as having too many fluffy toys, and Spin Master is looking to add another companion to your little one’s circle of fuzzy friends with What the Fluff. 

What the Fluff is a new, interactive toy that mimics the bonding experience of a household pet. The Fluff emits more than 100 different sounds and reactions, which makes for a nearly endless number of surprises every time kids play. 

Inside Spin Master’s vibrant packaging, kids will find a colorful Fluff lying dormant. The Fluff, which is not much bigger than a baseball, comes in two different versions: a purple puppy and hot pink cat. 

Upon petting the Fluff, the first thing kids will notice is how soft and delicate its fur is. At first, the Fluff will appear to be a giant fluffy ball, without a face or other features. That’s because kids need to make their new furry friend feel comfortable before it reveals itself — a few pats is all it takes, then music begins playing and the Fluff springs into action, with its face popping out the fur. 

This surprise introduction makes What The Fluff stand out from other animatronic pets. Seeing its happy expression burst out from its resting, ball position is almost like a daily round of Peek-a-boo. 

Once kids become acquainted with their Fluff, it’s time to play. Through its various sound effects, What the Fluff acts like a real-life animal — minus the mess, of course.

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One sound your kid will hear a ton from the Fluff is its giggles. Patting it, tossing it, and other interactions will make the Fluff laugh, bark or meow, and more. It’ll purr when it gets a nice pat. It’ll dance when someone turns up the jams with Music Mode. The Fluff can also somersault when kids tilt the pet on its bottom and give it a little push. It even does a victorious cheer after completing the stunt — can your kitten do that?

The more attention the Fluff gets from kids, the more its personality comes out. It seemed like the more I engaged with it, the more animated its reactions became! The Fluff has a nice way of evolving the playing experience for kids by becoming increasingly energetic each time kids play with it.

For parents in need of a bit more alone time, it’s a great toy to keep even the most energetic kids well-occupied. There’s also a mode to bring the audio of the Fluff down 20% for quieter playtime. To activate this quieter setting, simply put the switch in between the on and off mode.

Along with being suitable for ages 5 and up, What the Fluff is a great toy for kids who want a pet, but might not be ready to care for a living animal. It’s not like a virtual pet, where its quality of entertainment (or life) depends on giving it consistent care. Aside from keeping it alive with AAA batteries and patting it every now and again when it gets burpy, What the Fluff is a pleasing pet that requires minimal maintenance. 

In fact, when bedtime comes around, or your little one has had enough playtime, they can easily put their Fluff in rest mode by placing it upside down. If your kid ever had a toy that would randomly go off at all hours of the night, you’d understand how much of a lifesaver this feature is! 

The next day, your kid can walk their Fluff up and see its welcoming face pop out the fur again for another day of fun. You can bring What The Fluff home for $21.49, making it an affordable, no-mess dream pet!

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